One Shot or Campaign

When I first got interested in Savage Worlds and started looking online for resources and communities, I noticed that there seemed to be two camps when it came to playing the game. The first was the traditional home campaign, where the GM and players run through a series of adventures creating a larger story arc.... Continue Reading →

The Family Game

Let me start this post off with a wee bit of history about my family game.  My children’s introduction to role playing games lines up pretty much with my discovering Savage Worlds. I really discovered Savage Worlds in August 2016, when I learned that Rifts was being ported to that system. Being a rabid fan... Continue Reading →

D20 or Why I gave up the splat race

WARNING! Soapbox rant to follow!   Still interested? Well then! In 1999 when it was announced that D&D 3rd edition was coming out, I was excited. I was currently running or playing in several games including Alternity, D6 Star Wars, D&d 2e, and a few of Palladium Books games, especially Rifts. I loved Rifts. Even... Continue Reading →

Setting the Mood in Your Game

Part One: Music “You open the door, within the room the smell of feces and rotting food fills your nose as the smoke from several torches within stings your eyes. Three small rat-like men turn away from the corpse of a villager they were feeding on to look at you; their eyes burn with a... Continue Reading →

My First Game (With My Kids!)

A Savage Tale of character creation So, I got my kids interested in gaming (my daughter, age 13 & my son, age 8). They both seemed interested in a fantasy setting and both had ideas for unique characters. I decided to sit down and write up two characters for them. My daughter is an avid... Continue Reading →

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