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So, back in the mid 1990’s, I started a website dedicated to all things Role Playing Games, well, all things Palladium Books related RPGs anyway. I converted a little over a hundred Marvel characters, created new rules and setting info for both Rifts and Nightbane. And generally filled my little corner of the web with a couple hundred pages of material. I walked away from Palladium Books games and the site around 2003 as I started getting into D&d 3E and the D20 OGL flood of games.

Fast forward nearly 15 years, I discover a new system that is both flexible and crunchy enough to offer some meat but simple and fast enough to keep the game moving and not spend a ton of time in combats.

So here we are, I resurrected my old site, now as a blog site rather than an older, traditional web site.

I feel the name is very fitting. I plan on this being an Imaginarium, a repository of pontification, GM advise, and rules conversion for the Savage Worlds System. Though I may venture into other game territory from time too.

Welcome to the Imaginarium!

This site is home to my blog posts. I use a google.site for all my file storage. You can check it out to see what I’ve created and posted as files at my rpimaginarium site.

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