Savage Worlds Rifts One Shot: Trading Post Despot

The PC’s begin getting low on certain supplies that cannot easily be found scavenging in the wilderness, such as ammo and modern medicines. There is a trading town a little less than two hours travel from them. The group has been to this town in the past to trade and are familiar with some of the shopkeepers. When the PC’s get there, the town seems unchanged on the surface, but as they begin to wander through the town they start to notice that the people are all more timid and skittish.
Soon enough, they find out that the old mayor died a few months back and the new mayor is a power mad, lecherous fiend(literally!). The new mayor has installed several new deputies and hired thugs to keep everyone in line. If asked, the townsfolk agree that the town has been quieter with the new mayor. The townsfolk, however, say this as if it was what they were told to say and seem to look as if they are being watched and are afraid to say the wrong things. 
The PCs are bound to notice the 2-3 man goon squads that tend to patrol the town. Sooner or later, they meet the mayor, a tall man of average build with well kept hair and a nicely trimmed beard. He is dressed in fine clothing and carries a walking stick. He introduces himself to the party and welcomes them to the town. After asking what their business is in town, he invites them to dine with him in the local inn after they are finished with their supply shopping. 
During dinner, he inquires about their mission and the Tomorrow Legion in general. He answers any questions about himself and his deputies openly with very practiced lies. He says he is from a no name town south east of here, near the Dinosaur Swamps of Florida. He left many years ago wandering aimlessly until settling here in this town a few years back. The old mayor died of some heart condition and for a few weeks, it seemed bandits were taking advantage of the confusion. He brought in a few trusted companions of his and tasked them with restoring peace to the town. The deputy patrols were all hired by his companions, though he feels what little discomfort they mayu bring far outweigh the lawlessness that was here after the old mayor passed. 
The dinner concludes without incident and the party is allowed to stay the night, unharassed. As the evening goes on, any townsfolk they speak to (at the inn or at one of the two saloons) start to let slip that the old mayor may have been poisoned or killed by magic. Some more mention seeing the mayor changing, becoming more monster-like when he gets very angry and thinks no one is looking. 
Do the PC’s get their supplies and leave? Or do they intervene and try to help the townsfolk?
GM’s Inside Info: The mayor and his companions are all from the Federation of Magic and are looking to gain more influence out this way, closer to Castle Refuge. 

The mayor is a shape changing D-Bee Combat Mage (page 22-23) 
With the following additional abilities 
Shapeshift: Can take on any humanoid shape from 4’-7’ in height. Can change facial and physical appearance. In natural form, he is 6’3” tall and demonic looking with facial markings that look like running carvings. Shapeshifting takes 1D4+2 rounds to complete. Remaining in disguise does require some concentration, if he is injured or angered, he must make a spirit roll (wound penalties apply) to maintain the disguise. 
Arcane Affinity: He gets 10 more power points and makes all his caster rolls at +1.
HellSword: His walking stick is a magical sword in disguise. Damage: Str +2D8, AP: 20. It must feed one the blood of a sentient being once a week, this kills the being in question. If it is not fed, it starts to turn on wielder, causing one level of fatigue on day 8 from its last feeding and another level every 2 days. It bonds with its wielder and cannot be used by anyone else unless the current wielder is killed. A new bond is created when the next person to pick it up and use it in combat draws blood. Breaking the bond requires an obscure and archaic ritual that could require a quest in and of itself to find. The sword cannot be destroyed and cannot be left behind. Using the ritual to break the bond destroys the sword.

The Mayor’s Crew
His first lieutenant is a Techno Wizard (page 67) 
The Head of the deputies is a Juicer (page 63)
He also has a Ley-Line Walker (page 63-64)
The deputies are all Bandits (there are 2 per player) (page 56)

The Townsfolk
A few townsfolk are Militia (page 64)
But most are Civilians (page 57)

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