Lets Talk Deathlands…

Ok, some of you may have heard of this series, many probably have not. Deathlands is an action series written primarily for men. There is lots of fighting action, some romantic interludes and a fairly formulaic plot between books. I first found out about this when a friend from work let me download his extensive... Continue Reading →

Savaging Babylon 5

I was still in high school when the pilot for this show hit the airwaves. I was at a friend’s house (he taped the show; this was before DVR, after all). We both fell in love with the show immediately. By the time the first episode aired a few months later, I was hooked and... Continue Reading →

Savaging T.V. & Movies

I’m a self-confessed videophile. I love a very wide range of T.V. shows and movies. Many shows or films that have been critical or box office flops I still love. Even those films reviled by many, I watch and enjoy, mainly because I can see the kernel of a game setting, adventure or campaign that... Continue Reading →

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