Savaging T.V. & Movies

I’m a self-confessed videophile. I love a very wide range of T.V. shows and movies. Many shows or films that have been critical or box office flops I still love. Even those films reviled by many, I watch and enjoy, mainly because I can see the kernel of a game setting, adventure or campaign that I’ve been in or would want to create. I, like most gamers, use film, T.V., books, and history to create my own worlds and adventures.

With that said, I am looking to post either a bi-weekly or monthly article showcasing a specific T.V. show or film (or film franchise) that has either already had a Savage Worlds treatment done to it or one I will work on to get it started.  

I doubt I’ll run out of ideas for this any time soon! There are so many inspirational choices out there! From the mainstream like Star Wars, Babylon 5 or the Marvel Cinematic Universe (both film and T.V.!) to the lesser known like Krull, Beast Master, Dungeons and Dragons The Movie or The Littles (old cartoon).


The first one up is my favorite space station sci-fi drama series, Babylon 5!

I will present a link to a PDF previously done by another fan as well as include my own notes for what I would do differently than what is presented in the PDF. I also will include some links to resources on the internet that can be used to help flesh out the setting.

Stay tuned!

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