How to Hook New Savage Worlds Players

If you are like me, you find that Savage Worlds is a very solid game system that does many genres well. But how do you get new players into trying out this system?

That is what this little post is hopefully going to help you with. I have compiled some resources that either I used to learn the system or ones I’ve found that can be useful in helping get new players involved.

Now, most of what I’m going to be talking about in this post is old news to most of the players and game masters who are familiar with Savage Worlds. I am writing this as a help guide for new players who may have seen or heard of a few of these, but may not have seen all these resources. But who knows, even some more experienced players may have missed one or two of these.

First up is an older video but a really good one! This was released in 2014, so there have been some changes in the rules, and the poster has admitted he rushed through this and made a few mistakes. That said, it is still a really good introduction to the Savage Worlds System.

Next up, is a review of Savage Worlds that helped me when I was just starting to try and figure the system out. This guys has a nice, seven minute review which did a good job of helping explain the system in “elevator pitch” fashion so-to-speak.

The last of the videos I wish to share is yet another review of the Savage Worlds Deluxe book that turned into a quick overview of the rules. This may be the least polished of the three, but the information is presented in a nice, concise manner.

One live play that really helped me in the beginning was from The Wild Die. It was a bonus episode released in October 2016. This Deadlands Noir was a good story that was interesting to listen to and helped me with understanding how checks worked. It is one of the better live plays out there!

All the media options above are great as they can let you just email a few links to your prospective player. But the best way is still to play the game. Anyone familiar with the Savage Worlds system and following on any social media (Facebook, G+, the PEGInc forums, etc…) knows that there are a bunch of one sheet adventures out there. The best way to hook some new players is to get them to agree to playing through one of the many one-shots available out there.

I’ve personally used the adventure “Size Matters” by Just Insert Imagination and the “Tomb of Terrors” by PEGInc. Both have pre-generated characters, printable miniatures and printable maps. everything you need to present a visually engaging test drive of the Savage Worlds system that can hook any player!

PEGInc also has a beginning adventure in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition about the mob called “Crime City” that comes with pre-generated characters. They released a second one-sheet as a follow up  called “The Moscow Connection“. That is a two adventure miniature campaign that you can get for free. Then there is PEGInc’s Eye of Kilquato, a classic “Indiana Jones” like adventure full of pulpy action!

In a similar fashion, Just Insert Imagination has several one-sheet styled adventures that come with pre-generated characters and printable props that can help quickly get an adventure together.

The fan community has come up with some wonderful one shots that are based off popular properties that can help introduce Savage Worlds as well. Like the Scooby-Doo adventure, Night of a Thousand Pumpkins and the follow up adventure, Swamp Stomp. The same gentleman who did those also did a really cool looking Tales from the Crypt adventure as well. Then there is the ever fantastic work of Karl Keesler, his Goonies meet the Ghostbusters is truly an awesome adventure to hook some new players with. All of these have pre-generated characters, ready to use!

There are tons of other resources out there to help hook new players into Savage Worlds.

Do you have a favorite adventure, review or other resource you like to use when enticing new players that I missed?


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