Savaged My Little Pony?!?

When you look back at your fond childhood memories, what is the one cartoon that stands out the most; other than Looney Tunes?
I would say The Littles and Rescue Rangers from my pre-tween days. One that I remember seeing when I was a kid and that my own kids watched (and my Daughter who is now 14 still likes) is My Little Pony. This is a cartoon that has persevered for over thirty years now, with the original animated series airing back in 1984 and the toy line launching in 1981.
Now, I give my daughter a hard time about My Little Pony quite often, but I have to say, for a kids show, it’s a darn sight better show than many others out there today! The stories are more complex than they appear at a casual glance. The morals and dilemmas that the characters must face do help teach valuable lessons without feeling like it’s there just to teach you a lesson.
And me being a gamer who has to convert everything into a role playing game, I sought to see what conversions were out there to run MLP for my kids. Expecting to finds just a few fan conversions, I was really surprised to find an official MLP RPG!

So, why look for a conversion when you can get the official product? To be honest, I can’t defend my decision to stick with finding a conversion of it. I just honestly did not want to learn another system. I’ve gone to my local bookstore and saw a copy of the game there. I flipped through it and the layout is great, the art is good and the quality of the paper is nice. If that is what you want to do, you can’t go wrong buying that book.
But I’m a bit of a Savage Worlds zealot, so I wanted to get a Savaged version of My Little Pony. A little more digging around and I come across a 112 page, 6.2 MB file that looks almost as good as the official role playing game, only it is a Savage Fan release! I grab it and start skimming through it and it becomes abundantly clear that the creator is a loyal fan of the show and took great pains to faithfully translate the show into Savage Worlds.

SW Pony
Take a look at the PDF right here.
If that link does not work, try this one.
And please, check out the creators Deviant Art page while you’re at it.
Let me know what you think of the Savaged My Little Pony.
What other Saturday morning shows would you like to see Savaged?


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