Savage Worlds Rifts One Shot: Tomorrow Legion Courier

The party comes across a lone human female cyberknight. She is badly wounded and her hoverbbike is barely running. She steers towards the PCs before falling off the bike and collapsing onto the ground. 
Her name is Nurina, she is a courier for the Tomorrow Legion and is carrying an armored container that, according to her, contains desperately needed materials and information for the Tomorrow Legion. She also warns that a large mercenary band is hunting her and they are just a few dozen minutes behind her. The bandit group is larger than normal and quite possibly more powerful than the PC group. The group can try to fight the bandits head on, but this could likely result in character deaths on the player’s side. The other option is to make a break for Castle Refuge. 
Castle Refuge is about a day and a half away if the players ride hard, assuming they have a group ground transport.  The bandits are very determined to get the package and will not rest until they have accomplished that. 
If the players make a run for it, run this as a chase on a grand scale. Each card position is the equivalent to a few miles of distance and each round will represent about three hours of time. The players must keep ahead of the bandits for eight rounds. On the seventh round they are able to get a message to the Tomorrow Legion for aid. At the end of the eight round a Tomorrow Legion strike cavalry intercept the players and encourage the players to stand with them to fight off the bandits, who are now quite outnumbered. 
The game master can run this as a full battle or as a Quick Encounter. Note: This can be a very busy battle with the GM running many NPCs on both sides if it is done as a full on combat. The bandits will not fight to the death and actually retreat and scatter once a quarter of them have fallen. 
The Package: The game master can make it a McGuffin for whatever adventure hook they want it to be. I had mine contain a scroll written in an impossibly complicated arcane script and some vials of highly noxious liquids. These turned out to be from Atlantis and were components for creating a weapon of mass destruction designed to destroy vampires. But again, feel free to make it whatever you want. 
The page numbers listed are for the updated SWADE version of Savage Foes of North America

The Bandits:
Burster (pg 56, Wild Card)
Cyborg (pg 60, Wild Card)
2 Juicers (pg 63, both Wild Cards)
Mind Melter (pg 64, Wild Card)
Wilderness Scout (pg 67, Wild Card)
2 Bandits per player (extra)
1 Brokil per player (extra)

The Calvary: 
Cyber-Knight (pg 58, Wild Card)
Glitter Boy (pg 61, Wild Card)
Juicer (pg 63, Wild Card)
Mind Melter (pg 64, Wild Card)
Techno-Wizard (pg 67, wild card)
2 Soldiers per player (pg 66, extras)

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