More Paper Mini Resources!

A few years ago, I did a blog post about using paper minis in your game as an affordable and creative alternative to the more expensive and bulky traditional minis. I've had a few people ask for more information on the subject, so I decided to revisit this subject with some of the additional resources... Continue Reading →

New GM Advice: The Sandbox Game

The sandbox game. In role playing, this evokes the idea that there is no driving plot, but rather the players have the freedom to do what they want, go where they want, and generally have a free hand in the world.  The problem is, most RPGs are story driven and it can prove to be... Continue Reading →

Do You Homebrew, Bro?

Silly title, I know. Everyone homebrews, right? I’d like to know what you homebrew or house rule that is different than the core rules of Savage Worlds, or whatever other system you like. Such as Genesys, as many of my Nerds-International community like (That’s you J.Pierson!), or the Index Card RPG like The Murder Hobo... Continue Reading →

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