More Paper Mini Resources!

A few years ago, I did a blog post about using paper minis in your game as an affordable and creative alternative to the more expensive and bulky traditional minis. I’ve had a few people ask for more information on the subject, so I decided to revisit this subject with some of the additional resources and tools I have found in my eternal quest to free and inexpensive paper minis!

One of the things I think I was very lucky to have on hand was some of the old TSR back paper mini stands that came in various Spelljammer box sets in the 1990’s. I have about 30 or so and have not needed anything other than these. But for those of you not lucky enough to have some of these old accessories, you can still find some good paper mini stands.

Paper Mini Stands!
Litko Clear Paper Mini Stands (round): I’ve seen a few people talk about these. They are nice in how they hold the paper mini by curving it slightly. I had a little difficulty in getting the paper minis in when I first started using them, but I got the hang of it.
Apostrophe Games cardboard stand ups: These are very similar to the old style paper mini stands that the Spelljammer and other D&D box sets from the 1990’s only a bit bigger. I still like them a lot!
Blulu cardboard stand ups: These are ones I am interested in. They are a bit better on price per unit that Apostrophe Games, but I have not yet actually made the purchase to test them out. Blulu 36 Pieces Game Card Stands Multi-Color with 36 Pieces Blank Board Game Board Markers for Party Favor
Simply doing a Google search of “Paper Mini Stands” should get you a ton of hits for some potential stands.

Next, I’d like to show off a few new resources I’ve come across and have been enjoying.
Papercraft Dungeons: This is a great resource for all sorts of scenery. There are dungeon scenery, papercraft buildings, and even quite a few paper minis! There are only a few freebies, but the prices are not too bad and their selection is really good! The image used in this article is from Papercraft Dungeons.
Trash Mob Minis: This is a DriveThruRPG publisher that has a great selection of inexpensive paper minis. I found these a few months back and have really enjoyed the artwork!

Between these few new sources, the larger list in my original post, and just some good ol’ Googling of paper minis (or images to use in some of the DIY paper mini templates from my previous post), you should be able to easily build up a paper mini library that is impressive while still being inexpensive!

NOTE: the amazon links above for the paper mini stands are affiliate links. So clicking on those links and ordering anything through them helps support my site!

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