Savage Deathlands: Some New Rules.

The following are some new and additional rules I’ve come up with since releasing my Savage Worlds Deathlands translation. I have also updated the PDF document with this information (as version 1.1). You can still get the original version of the PDF that does not include these updates. That way, if you don’t like these new rules you can just say screw ’em!

Starting Equipment:
Everyone starts with a decent set of clothes, good boots, a canvas backpack, and the basics of survival for a few days (canteen, fire-starter, a little food). In addition to this, each player also pulls one card from the action deck and consults the results below.

SW Deathlands Equipment.JPG

The Companions
An optional Setting Rule, this allows all the players to be able to share bennies, much the same way as the edge Common Bond. The difference between common bond and The Companions setting rule is that only those characters accepted as part of the PC group can be given or give bennies. Most often, this would mean just the player characters, but could include an NPC travelling with the PCs for an extended amount of time at the GMs discretion.

Thanks to all those who offered suggestions over on the G+ and Facebook groups that offered suggestions and constructive criticism. Your feed back has helped me to flesh out this little setting I put together!

Any other suggestions are very welcome! Post a reply below or on my posts on those G+ & Facebook groups!

Patrick “ShadowDad” Greenlaw

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