Savage Cryptids of North America: The Mothman!

Author’s Note: This series looks at the various North American Cryptids as if they were real, tangible beings that have managed to elude scientific observation. Many of the creatures I will be featuring have appeared in other Savage Worlds products. Often times they have been altered and tweaked to fit that particular setting or to make them more interesting or challenging. My interpretation tries to stay closer to the available lore I could find on each.
I hope you enjoy this series and like my interpretations of these wonderfully imaginative creatures!
NOTE: This has been updated to the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!

After a longer break than I wanted to take, I’m back with another cryptid post! Enjoy!!

The Mothman is one of the more well-known cryptids thanks to television and film, particularly the movie “The Mothman Prophecies” which was based off the book of the same name by John Keel.
This cryptid was first reported by gravediggers near the town of Clendenin, WV in November of 1966. The five men stated they saw a man-like figure flying low, just over the treetops. Later that month two couples sighted a large humanoid figure with red eyes and large, ten foot wings for a second in their headlights, then swore it followed them for a few miles, keeping up with them even as they drove at speeds near 100 miles per hour. Just days later, it was seen by two firemen near Mason County. Other sightings continued until a few days before the December 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant which resulted in the death of 46 people.
Since these initial sightings, the Mothman has been sighted in locations along the North East weeks or months before some tragic event.
Across all sightings, the sight of the Mothman instills irrational fear and feelings of dread that lasts for quite some time after the sighting.

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Athletics d8, Fighting d6, Notice d8, Stealth d8, Survival d8
Pace: 6; Parry: 5(-4 to be hit); Toughness: 6
Special Abilities
Flight: The Mothman can fly at a pace of 12.
Obfuscation: The Mothman naturally distorts the area around it, making it’s movements seem jerky and unnatural. The effect makes striking the Mothman more difficult to hit. It gains a +4 deflection bonus against any attacks against it. This field is constantly active, even when the Mothman is unaware of the attacker or unconscious.
Fear: Anyone within 12” of the Mothman when they first see it must make a fear check at -2. In addition to the normal affects for failing the fear check, the victim gains an explainable anxiety and a phobia (minor) of the Mothman, the dark and death. This remains for a number of weeks equal to 10 minus half their spirit die.
Harbinger of Doom: The Mothman is only ever seen when some disaster is about to happen or could happen. This is more of a GM tool. Only use the Mothman as a Harbinger of some horrible event. It can make for a great adventure hook and Game Master MacGuffin.

Let me know of any ideas you might have for this cryptid! I’d love to hear them.


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