Savage Pulp Action Hour: Adventure Ideas!

Hello all and welcome!

In this post I will dive into some of the adventure types or campaign styles I envisioned using with my Pulp Action Hour setting.

Pulp Noir: This type of game the players are PI’s and low level inventors. The adventures are typically contained within a single city and usually involves strange and unusual cases. News of the greater conflicts would filter down through newspapers and radio, but the players are not directly involved in much of the larger scale, grand schemes. You could do an organized crime game in New York City or Chicago. Both of those cities could just as easily be great as a private eye business, possibly working with or trying to bring down the organized crime bosses. New Orleans would lend itself to a spiritual mystery kind of investigative setting, looking to find corrupt voodoo priestesses or looking to the Loa to guide the players in solving truly bizarre crimes.

Pulp Adventure: With this type of game, the players are a little larger than life globetrotting (or solar system trotting) treasure hunters. They are almost always trying to find some new artifact before the “bad guys” can get to it. This is very much in the vein of Indiana Jones and similar films. The players could be artifact seekers travelling the world or new recruits to some of the larger organizations, being sent on different missions to stop the opposing powers. This could make for a great episodic type game where each mission is not really connected to the others.

Military Pulp Action: All the players in this are part of the military. Either they are part of an elite unit involved in covert operations or they are in a more traditional unit that just finds itself involved in unusual circumstances. They may be involved in some of the more key battles that influence the world at large. This could place the players planetside on Mars, Venus or one of the many moons acting at garrison guard or scouts. If they are part of an elite strike team similar to the Navy SEALS, this would allow them to travel the solar system performing all manner of missions from neutralization strikes or desperate rescue missions.

Space Pulp Action: The players are part of some elite team, with a mix of rocket men, super soldiers ace pilots and super scientists working to help prevent large scale disasters and influence major conflicts. The players have access to a spacecraft that allows them to freely travel the solar system, solving problems all over the place and thwarting evil wherever they find it. Similar to the military option, this allows the players to be more like the ace pilots and wild card adventurers from classic pulp as well as seen in films like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. In many ways, this is the default campaign for this setting. The players can come from a wide array of organizations working together against a greater enemy or for a greater good.

That’s it for now,

Until next time, may your dice always ace!


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