Savage Worlds Cryptids of North America: The DUNDAS BLACKFLY!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This series looks at the various North American Cryptids as if they were real, tangible beings that have managed to elude scientific observation. Many of the creatures I will be featuring have appeared in other Savage Worlds products. Often times they have been altered and tweaked to fit that particular setting or to make them more interesting or challenging. My interpretation tries to stay closer to the available lore I could find on each.
I hope you enjoy this series and like my interpretations of these wonderfully imaginative creatures!
NOTE#2: This write up uses the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Rules (SWADE).

Also known as the flesh eating fly, this is a large species of fly native to Dundas Island off the west coast of British Columbia, just northwest of the town of Prince Rupert. Growing up to four inches long and nearly completely black, these flies are swarm hunters. Their bites contain a paralytic venom strong enough that a few dozen of these flies can bring down a cow. The flies drink the blood as well as eat the flesh of their catch. 

Relentless hunters, they have been known to follow prey for miles, biting and poisoning their prey until the beast finally succumbs. They also use the carcass as an incubator for their young, laying eggs in the remains. These eggs hatch in just a few days and the hatchling larvae feed off the husk for about a week before cocooning. A few days after they cocoon, new Dundas Flies emerge. At this stage they are about the size of an average horsefly but quickly reach full maturity in another week to ten days. 

Most reports of these flies make mention of them not leaving Dundas Island, though some reports from the 1990’s have placed these flies on the mainland areas near the island. 

Dundas Blackfly
These stats are for an individual fly.
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4(A), Spirit d4, Strength d4-2, Vigor d4
Skills: Athletics d4, Fighting d4, Notice d8, Stealth d10, Survival d6
Pace:10 ; Parry: 5 ; Toughness: 1
Special Abilities
Tiny Size: They are unusually difficult to hit. All attacks are made at -6.
Poison Bite: They individually deal no damage with their bite, but instead deliver a paralytic poison. The victim must make a vigor check or be paralyzed for 2D6 minutes (double that time if rolling a critical failure). 

Dundas Fly Swarm
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4(A), Spirit d4, Strength d4-2, Vigor d4
Skills: Notice d8, Stealth d8,
Pace:10 ; Parry: 5 ; Toughness: 7
Special Abilities
Poison Bite: The dozens of flies in the swarm means they automatically hit anyone within their template, dealing 1D4+1 damage and delivering their paralytic venom. The victim must make a vigor check at -2 or be paralyzed for 2D6 minutes (double that time if rolling a critical failure).
Split: If the GM wishes, the swarm can be split into two smaller swarms when wounded, reducing the blast template one size. 
Swarm: They gain a +2 to recover from being shaken and gain a +2 to parry. 

Note: see SWARM on page 189 of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition for full swarm details.

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