Savage Worlds Rifts One Shot: Coalition Captives.

Hello and welcome to my new series of posts!
Each post is essentially an adventure seed to help provide Savage Worlds Rifts GM’s some easy to drop in encounters to use in their home game. Each one will provide stats or direct you to where you can find stats for all the antagonists. Any time I direct you to stats in a published book, I will always use only the Savage Foes of North America for the main list, though I may offer replacement suggestions that have the new books from the second wave of Savage Worlds Rifts books. I do this so that anyone, even those who may not have been able to afford the new books will be able to fully use these ideas. The page numbers listed are for the updated SWADE version of Savage Foes of North America.
Ok, got all that? Now, lets dive into my first encounter:

Coalition Captives
Coalition soldiers are captured by the Federation of Magic. They are bound and caged on a trailer heading back to the Federation. The plan is to use them for ritual sacrifices.
There are three mages and a group Brodkil demons escorting the vehicle hauling the trailer back.
Assuming the PC’s intercede and free the slaves, they can then interact with the Coalition soldiers. Three of the soldiers completely drank the Coalition cool-aid about how all D-Bees and Magic users are evil. The other four are loyal to the Coalition and leery of magic and d-bees but are not as fanatical about it and willing to give the players real consideration, seeing as they just saw them risk their lives to save the men. 
Do the players help these soldiers get back to the Coalition? Do they turn them away? Do they kill them? Or is there another solution to this problem?

4 Coalition Grunts pg 7
2 Coalition Technical (1 Medic, 1 Mechanic) pg 9
1 Coalition Junior Officer pg 10

1 Ley-Line Walker pg 63
2 Techno-Mages pg 67
Brodkil (1 per PC) pg 69
*Alternate: Replace one of the Techno-Mages with a Dweomer Battle Magi on pg 172 of Arcane and Mysticism.

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