Savage Worlds Rifts One Shot: Miner’s Lament

Welcome to my second one shot encounter for the Savage Worlds Rifts setting. As with my last one, I tried to come up with something that could present a bit of a moral dilemma as well as one that could be resolved non-violently if the players chose to use negotiation.
As usual, all the stats for the various characters can be found in the Revised Savage Foes of North America book that uses the newest version of the Savage Worlds Rules.

Miner’s Lament
A small mining town (less than 100 residents) has been reaching out for help. Some otherworldly beast has set up residence within the mine that is their lifeline. This mine produces coal, sulfur and other trace elements that can be used for trade with other communities. The town is wealthy compared to others around them, but not rich in the traditional sense. If pressed they can offer up a reward. 

Most of the buildings in the town are timber built, with a few homes and the town hall made from sturdier materials, such as brick and concrete. The town is headed by a council made up of the Grath brothers who own the mine, Mr Jenther the town’s saloon and general store owner, Mr Keller the mayor and the town’s sheriff, Brent. The council is desperate for help but also wanting to part with as little of their money as possible. 

The beast in question is a young dragon who has decided to make the mine its lair. The PC’s can go in, guns blazing to kill the beast (who is formidable). Or they can try and talk with the dragon, possibly convincing the dragon to find an unused cavern for its lair or possibly look to working with the townsfolk, offering them protection, in exchange, the town may help with caring for the dragon, mining out a living quarters and separate entrance for the dragon to use. 

Will the players use force? Or can they negotiate a peace without violence?

The Cast (all are found in Savage Foes of North America)

Brent the Serif (Soldier, pg 66)

Mr Keller the mayor (Militia, pg 64)

The Grath Brothers(Vagabonds, pg 67)

Mr Jenter Saloon & General Store Owner (civilian, pg 57)

In addition, the sherif can count on another 10 townsfolk or so to help when trouble comes, these all use militia. All other townsfolk would use civilian. 

The Dragon (pg Flamewind young adult, pg 72)

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