Savage Deathlands Part 5: Archetypes

Here is the first bonus blog for Savage Deathlands. I give you some archetypes to use, based on the characters from the series. Any future posts about this will likely include rules changes or new ideas based on the great feedback I've gotten from the Facebook and G+ communities!  I hope you have enjoyed these posts!... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk Deathlands…

Ok, some of you may have heard of this series, many probably have not. Deathlands is an action series written primarily for men. There is lots of fighting action, some romantic interludes and a fairly formulaic plot between books. I first found out about this when a friend from work let me download his extensive... Continue Reading →

Do You Homebrew, Bro?

Silly title, I know. Everyone homebrews, right? I’d like to know what you homebrew or house rule that is different than the core rules of Savage Worlds, or whatever other system you like. Such as Genesys, as many of my Nerds-International community like (That’s you J.Pierson!), or the Index Card RPG like The Murder Hobo... Continue Reading →

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