Finding Inspiration in Audio Dramas

As a gamer, I find inspiration for adventures and settings everywhere I look. Movies, T.V. shows, books, Pintrest, even hikes in Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. I hear other gamers mention a similar penchant to find inspiration in just about anything. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought a fairly cheesy movie... Continue Reading →

Savaging Babylon 5

I was still in high school when the pilot for this show hit the airwaves. I was at a friend’s house (he taped the show; this was before DVR, after all). We both fell in love with the show immediately. By the time the first episode aired a few months later, I was hooked and... Continue Reading →

Savaging T.V. & Movies

I’m a self-confessed videophile. I love a very wide range of T.V. shows and movies. Many shows or films that have been critical or box office flops I still love. Even those films reviled by many, I watch and enjoy, mainly because I can see the kernel of a game setting, adventure or campaign that... Continue Reading →

One Shot or Campaign

When I first got interested in Savage Worlds and started looking online for resources and communities, I noticed that there seemed to be two camps when it came to playing the game. The first was the traditional home campaign, where the GM and players run through a series of adventures creating a larger story arc.... Continue Reading →

The Family Game

Let me start this post off with a wee bit of history about my family game.  My children’s introduction to role playing games lines up pretty much with my discovering Savage Worlds. I really discovered Savage Worlds in August 2016, when I learned that Rifts was being ported to that system. Being a rabid fan... Continue Reading →

D20 or Why I gave up the splat race

WARNING! Soapbox rant to follow!   Still interested? Well then! In 1999 when it was announced that D&D 3rd edition was coming out, I was excited. I was currently running or playing in several games including Alternity, D6 Star Wars, D&d 2e, and a few of Palladium Books games, especially Rifts. I loved Rifts. Even... Continue Reading →

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